How to connect wifi camera to android phone

How do I connect my Samsung camera to my phone?

Open the Samsung Smart Camera App icon on the phone and make sure it is connected to the camera. After the Samsung Smart Camera App is running normally, the camera will connect to your phone through Wi-Fi for any camera function or file sharing. Click on “remote viewfinder” on your camera.

How do I setup my Samsung wireless camera?

The set-up is fairly simple for the Samsung SmartCams is fairly simple and is as follows:

  1. Plug in your camera while you download the SmartCam App in the Apps Store of the Google Play Store.
  2. When your camera LED flashes red press the WiFi button on the back for 5 seconds.

How does a WIFI camera work?

Wireless cameras work by transmitting the camera’s video through a radio (RF) transmitter. The video is sent to a receiver that is connected to a built-in storage device or through cloud storage. Through your monitor or receiver, you’ll have an easy link to access all of your image or video clips.

Can I connect external camera to Android phone?

This video explains how one can use an old USB webcam as an external camera with Android mobile devices such as a phone or a tablet. For this to work, the Android device must support USB host. Additional hardware required are either an OTG cable or an OTG adapter, both of which are cheap and readily available.

How can I connect my CCTV camera to my phone without Internet?

cctv camera on mobile without internet बिना इन्टरनेट के अपने मोबाइल पर सीसीटीवी कैमरे को देखें A) Select Manul for CONNECTION. B) Enter the IP address that you previously noted from your DVR’s TCP/IP setup screen in the ADDRESS field.

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Can WiFi camera work without Internet?

Okay, and that can be done easily with wireless video cameras with no Internet connection. All you need to do is to get a whole wireless security camera system, which comes with a WiFi NVR (Network Video Recorder) and several WiFi surveillance cams.

How can I connect my mobile camera to PC via WiFi?


  1. Connect your computer and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Install the IP Webcam app on your smartphone.
  3. Close all other camera apps. …
  4. Launch the IP Webcam app. …
  5. The app will now fire up your phone’s camera and display a URL. …
  6. Enter this URL in any browser on your computer and hit Enter.

Can I use Samsung SmartCam as webcam?

With SmartCam already open on your computer, launch the application on your Android phone and select Menu -> Connect WiFi. … To use your makeshift webcam in another application, simply select SmartCam as your webcam when prompted.

How do I connect my Samsung nx1000 to WiFi?

Switch to WiFi mode on your NX1000.

  1. Go to wi-Fi settings on the camera and click on “Remote Viewfinder” feature.
  2. Go to your Cellphones Wi-Fi and search for the cameras Wi-Fi (ex. AP_SSC_NX300etc.) and connect to it by tapping on it.
  3. Once connected open the Samsung Smart Camera App on your phone and it should connect.

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