How to sign out of messenger on android

How do you sign out of the Messenger app?

Go to, then select Settings from the dropdown menu on the top right. Go to Security and Login, then find the section called Where You’re Logged In. Find the Messenger session you’d like to log out of, click the three dots on the right, then click Log Out.

How do I log out of Messenger on Samsung?

Log out From Messenger via Android Settings

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Apps & notifications.
  3. Choose See all <#> apps. Scroll down and tap Messenger. ( …
  4. Select Storage & cache.
  5. Tap Clear storage.
  6. Confirm with OK. Now you can close your Settings app and return to the Messenger app to verify that it worked.

What happens when you log out of Messenger?

Log Out Of Facebook Messenger On Android

This won’t affect or remove any messages you have sent or received in the app. Those are saved on Facebook’s servers and not locally on your device. If the Facebook Messenger is running on your Android phone, close it fully.

How do you log out of Messenger app on iPhone?

How to log out of Facebook Messenger on iPhone through the Messenger app

  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. Tap your icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. In the menu that opens, scroll down and tap “Account Settings.”
  4. This will open a Settings menu.

How can I delete Messenger account?

How to deactivate Messenger

  1. Open Messenger.
  2. From Chats, click on your profile in the top left corner.
  3. Tap Account settings. (Tap Legal and Policies for Android).
  4. Below your Facebook Information, tap Delete Your Account and Information. …
  5. Tap deactivate and enter your password.
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Does messenger work if logged out of Facebook?

You can keep using Messenger after you deactivate your Facebook account. If you had a Facebook account and deactivated it, using Messenger won’t reactivate your Facebook account, and your Facebook friends can still message you.

How do I unlink my Facebook from Messenger?

How to turn off Facebook Messenger

  1. Tap the menu icon on the right-hand side of the Facebook app and scroll down until you see App Settings. Once you are in your settings, scroll to the bottom and turn the Facebook chat toggle off.
  3. Tap Active at the top of the menu. This will give you the option to turn chat off.

How do I logout of my Facebook account?

How to sign out of Facebook on a desktop browser

  1. Go to
  2. On the top right-hand corner, click on the upside down triangle. Click the arrow to display Facebook’s main menu. …
  3. A drop down menu will appear. At the very bottom of that menu, you’ll see “Log Out.” …
  4. Click on “Log Out,” and you’re all set!

What happens if you uninstall Messenger app?

Uninstalling the Messenger app doesn’t make your profile invisible. You are available on Messenger, and people can still text you. However, since the app isn’t installed on your phone, you will not be notified about it. But reinstalling or using the desktop version will make them available to you.

How do you know if someone deactivated messenger?

Open Facebook (the blue icon with a white “f” on your home screen), then search for their name. If you can’t find their profile, they’ve either deactivated their account or blocked you completely. If their profile appears normal, they’ve only blocked your messages.

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How do I logout of messenger on iPad?

How to log out of Messenger on your iPad

  1. From the home page of the Facebook app on your iPad, tap the three parallel lines at the bottom right corner of the page.
  2. Scroll down and then tap the “Settings & Privacy” tab.
  3. Tap “Security and Login” under the “Security” section on the next page.

How do I log out of Facebook on my phone?

To log out of Facebook: Open the Facebook app. Tap . Scroll to the bottom and tap Log Out.

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