Why do my group messages split up android

Why does my group message split up?

A recent update to (Android) Messages appears to have reset a setting for many folks that causes group messages to go out as multiple SMS messages rather than as one MMS. … Open Messages. Click the three stacked dots on the top right (on the main page where all conversations are shown) Select Settings, then Advanced.

How do you turn on group messaging on Android?

  1. Open Android Messages.
  2. Click the three stacked dots on the top right (menu)
  3. Select Settings > Advanced.
  4. The top item in the Advanced menu is the Group Message behavior. Tap and change it to “Send an MMS reply to all recipients (group MMS)”.

How do I stop multiple texts on Android?

Fix Repeated Text Messages Problem in Android

  1. Open Android system settings from the app drawer and then tap on Apps.
  2. Find Messaging app (or any other text message app that you have been using) and tap on it.
  3. First, tap Force Stop and then Disable.

What is difference between MMS and group messaging?

You can send one MMS message to multiple people using group messaging, containing text only or text and media, and replies are delivered in group conversation threads to each person in the group. MMS messages use mobile data and require a mobile data plan or pay-per-use payment.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

SMS and MMS are two ways to send what we commonly refer to under the umbrella term as text messages. The most simple way to understand the difference is that SMS refers to text messages, while MMS refers to messages with a picture or video.

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How do I send a group text on Android without everyone responding?


  1. Tap Android Messages.
  2. Tap Menu (3 dots in the top right corner)
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Tap Group Messaging.
  6. Tap “Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)”

What happens if you turn off group messaging?

Answer: A: Hi, When you turn off group messaging and send a text, that message will appear to you as a “group message,” but it will appear to others as a text sent to them individually. Their replies will come back to you in a separate conversation between you and that person.

Can I turn off group messaging on Android?

Unfortunately, Android phones don’t allow you to leave a group text in the same way that iPhones do. However, you can still mute notifications from specific group chats, even if you can’t remove yourself from them entirely. This will stop any notifications, but still allow you to use the group text.

Why do my incoming texts keep repeating?

Well it could be an app on the phone, especially if the text messages are through an app other than the cellphones normal text messaging app. If they don’t stop then you can try a couple of things. First thing I would do is clear the messaging apps cache. Go into the phones “Settings”, the tap “Apps”.

Why do I get double text messages on my Android?

If you are receiving multiple copies of your text messages, it may be caused by an intermittent connection between your phone and the mobile network. To make sure messages are delivered, your phone makes several attempts, which may result in multiple copies of a text message.

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Why am I getting two messages from the same person?

Done wrong, you end up with two or more threads for a conversation with the same person. As it turns out, iMessage threading is based on the address the message is sent from. … Open iMessages. Click Messages > Preferences > Accounts and choose your desired address in the “Start new conversations from” box.

Should I use SMS or MMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most widely used type of text messaging. … Longer messages are normally split up into multiple messages. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. With a MMS, you can send a message including pictures, video or audio content to another device.

Does Android use SMS or MMS?

The default Messaging application in the Android OS supports sending group SMS messages to a maximum of ten contacts. The maximum size of the text message can vary depending on your device and firmware version. Any message over the maximum size (sometimes 160 characters) will automatically be sent as an MMS.

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