How to save instagram videos on android

Can you save Instagram videos to your phone?

Save your own Instagram videos

Simply record your video, and click on the download button at the top before you post it on your feed or story. … You’ll then be taken to a menu where you can tap Save Video. Your video will then download directly onto your phone.

How do you save videos from Instagram to your gallery?

Step 2: Open the app to activate the download feature, then tap the Instagram icon near the top-right corner. Step 3: When you come across a photo or video you want to save, tap the three dots under it and choose Copy Share URL. Instead of copying the actual link, the content will be saved to your device’s gallery.

How do you save Instagram videos in 2020?

Download Instagram Videos on Android

  1. Open Instagram on your Android device and then head over to the video which you want to download.
  2. Tap on the three dots placed vertically at the top right and select Copy Link.
  3. Now, open InstaSaver app on your device and tap on the “Insta Post Downloader” button.

Can you save Instagram videos to your camera roll?

Instagram doesn’t have an option to save a video to your camera roll, but it does have several work-arounds for saving the file to share, reuse, or save for later.

Can you save someone else’s video from Instagram?

If you want to save someone else’s Instagram video, you can do it by recording your phone screen. Those with an iPhone are in luck, as screen recording is built into the device. However, Android users will have to use an app — like AZ Screen Recorder or EZ Screen Recorder — to get it done.

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How do I download a video to my gallery?

  1. Open the video in any browser/YouTuber app.
  2. Copy the URL (from web address bar) or (if from YouTube mobile app, then click on share option and select copy link address)
  3. Go to savefrom .net.
  4. Paste the URL.
  5. Select the video quality.
  6. Download will start automatically.

Which app is best for download Instagram videos?

Here are some of the best apps to download videos from Instagram for Android devices:

  • InsTake Downloader. …
  • Saver Reposter For Instagram. …
  • Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App. …
  • Repost For Instagram – Regrann. …
  • Quick Save. …
  • InstaGet. …
  • Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver. …
  • FastSave For Instagram.

How do you download videos to Instagram?

How to Download Instagram Videos Online?

  1. Go to Instagram and open the video which you want to download.
  2. If you are on Instagram App, tap on more options and copy share URL/Copy link. …
  3. Now, paste the video link in above input box, and click/tap on ‘Download Instagram Video button’

In which app we can download Instagram videos?

Available on: Android

One of the most popular is Video Downloader for Instagram. It lets you download or repost videos from Instagram with a single tap. The app can even download the tags that accompany the videos. The downloaded content is automatically added to your phone’s gallery app.

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