Why wasn’t android 16 revived

Did Android 16 get revived?

Dragon Ball Z famously killed off Android 16, and never brought him back, but could it be that he’s still alive, thanks to the Dragon Balls. Android 16 is the only member of the Cell Saga’s android trio who has yet to return.14 мая 2020 г.

Why was Android 16 not in the future?

In the original history of that timeline, Android 16 was never activated. … In Age 780, he is sent by Mira to kill Future Gohan before he is killed by Future 17 & Future 18, altering the history of Future Trunks’ timeline. However, the Future Warrior appears to stop him from altering the history of Trunks’ timeline.

How did Android 17 come back to life?

Android 17 is killed when Semi-Perfect Cell self-destructs. 17’s life is restored after the Z Fighters use the Dragon Balls to revive those who died as a result of Cell’s campaign. A second wish made to Shenron by Krillin removes the Android Bombs within Lapis and Lazuli’s bodies.

Is Android 16 a cyborg?

16 was an entirely artificial Human, a machine made to look like a man, with no organic parts. He was made in the image and likeness of Gero’s son, killed during Kid Goku’s final assault on the main Red Ribbon Army HQ.

Who killed Android 16?

When Cell was fighting Gohan, 16 jumped on him and tried to self destruct to kill him, but as his bomb was removed this did not work. Cell destroyed 16’s body. His head survived and told Gohan to fight Cell and to protect the life on Earth for him. Cell killed 16 by stomping on his head.

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Does Android 16 have a soul?

Android #16 is stated to be completely artificial and thus, has no soul to be included among Cell’s victims.

Who activated Android 16?

Activation. Though Dr. Gero built Android 16, he did not complete his programming and thus never activated him, fearing what he might do something like destroy Androids 17 and 18. But after Android 20, with the Z-Fighters hot on his heels, activated #17 and #18, #18 became interested by the dormant 16.

Why did Android 17 kill Krillin?

He also reminds Android 17 that he killed Dr. Gero himself, but 17’s Machine Mutant counterpart contacts him as he is learning the truth and regains control, causing him to kill Krillin. … The ice was created by the dead residents of Hell, and so it is ineffective against Goku who is still alive.

Why did Android 17 win?

Combined attacks by 17 and Frieza destroy Jiren’s barrier and following Goku and Frieza teaming up to take Jiren out of the ring, Android 17 becomes the only contestant remaining, winning the tournament and wishing for all the universes erased during the tournament to be restored.

Can Goku die of old age?

To answer the question no, Goku does not die of old age, as already made apparent. He died so many times and brought back but by the end he becomes guardian of the Earth enabling him to live forever.

Why was Gero afraid of 16?

As far as Dr. Gero was concerned, he knew Android 16 was the most powerful Android that he created. He had no idea that the supercomputer that he shutdown would reactivate, completing the research to create Cell (Android 21). He knew 17 &18 were treacherous, and didn’t follow his orders.

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Who killed Android 15?


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