How to sign out of youtube on android

How do you sign out of YouTube app?

How to sign out of YouTube on mobile

  1. Tap your icon image at the top right corner of the screen. Again, tap your account icon in the top-right corner. Steven John/Business Insider.
  2. Under “Account,” tap your name or email.
  3. Tap the words “Use YouTube signed out.”

How do I sign out of YouTube on 2020 devices?

All other devices

Open any device. From the list of Google apps, select YouTube on TV. Select Remove Access.

How do I remove a device from my YouTube account?

On phone or tablet

  1. Select your profile picture .
  2. Tap Settings. Watch on TV.
  3. Select Delete Devices, then tap DELETE to remove the linked TV device.

How do I sign out of Google account on Android?

Sign out options

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  2. In the top right, tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap Manage accounts on this device.
  4. Choose your account.
  5. At the bottom, tap Remove account.

How do I sign out of YouTube without Google?

Open YouTube on your Android.

  1. It’s not possible to sign out of YouTube on your Android without removing the entire account from your phone or tablet. …
  2. If you just want to view videos anonymously, tap your profile photo at the top-right corner of the screen, then tap Turn on Incognito.

How can I sign out from playstore?

Method 2 of 2: On Desktop

  1. Click your profile picture. Your profile picture is in the upper-right corner of the website. This displays a drop-down menu.
  2. Click Sign Out. This logs you out of your Google account from the Google Play website.
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How do I sign out of one Google account?

How to sign out of Google on an Android

  1. Tap on Settings and select Accounts.
  2. Select Google.
  3. When you see the Sync now and Remove account options at the bottom of the screen, select Remove account.

How do I sign out of Gmail on all devices Android?

If you forgot to sign out of your email on another computer, you can remotely sign out of Gmail.

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. In the bottom right corner, click Details. Sign out all other web sessions.

How do I remove family link?

Remove your child’s Google Account

  1. On your child’s Android device, open the Family Link app .
  2. In the top left, tap Menu Remove account. Remove account.
  3. Select your email address, then enter your password.

How do I remove a device from my Google Account 2020?

Click the three dots menu button on the desired device which you want to remove from trusted devices. Click on Sign out on the menu and you will see a confirmation pop up to confirm remove the device from trusted devices.

How do I sign out of Google on Android without deleting my account?

I can do it from my PC – > “device activity & security events” > “review devices” > click specific device > Account Access: REMOVE button. This does not remove the account from the device. It just signs the device out of the Google account.

How do I remove a Google account from my Samsung?

How do I remove an existing Google Account on my Samsung device?

  1. 1 Swipe up on the Home Screen or tap on Apps.
  2. 2 Tap on Settings.
  3. 3 Scroll down and tap on Clouds and accounts.
  4. 4 Tap on Accounts.
  5. 5 Tap on the Google Account that you want to remove.
  6. 6 Tap on Remove Account.
  7. 7 Tap on Remove Account again to confirm that you are aware of some data loss.
  8. 8 Google Account is now removed.

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