What is smartthings app on android

Do I need SmartThings on Android?

You will need a SmartThings Hub or a compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality. You will also need some connected devices and the free SmartThings App for Android or iPhone. Learn more about Getting Started with SmartThings.

Can I delete SmartThings app?

If it was preinstalled, you probably can’t uninstall it. The best you can do is Disable it — go to Settings>Apps, select SmartThings, and look for a Disable button. This will uninstall all updates from the app and prevent it from opening.

What is SmartThings panel Android?

The SmartThings Panel is available on select Samsung Galaxy device and provides quick and easy access to monitor and control devices with a simple down swipe.

What can Samsung SmartThings do?

Use sensors to detect water leaks, or see whether doors and windows are opened or closed. You can add compatible door locks, speakers, switches and more. The SmartThings app works on both Android and Apple operating systems, and devices you can control are being added all the time.

What does the Samsung SmartThings app do?

It’s a physical device that looks a little like a router. You connect all your compatible smart home devices to it and control them via the SmartThings app on either Android or iOS. You can also buy a SmartThings Wi-Fi ($119.99), which is a Wi-Fi router and the hub bundled together.13 мая 2019 г.

How do I get rid of SmartThings on my Android?

Open the Apps screen, long press on the icon and select uninstall. Since it’s baked in, it may not fully uninstall it but it will remove it from your Apps screen. Thanks!

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Is SmartThings any good?

While the second-generation Samsung SmartThings Wifi mesh router is a great smart home hub, it’s far from being a state-of-the-art router. But if you don’t need a top-shelf router, and not everyone does, the SmartThings Wifi’s price tag and its performance as a smart home hub renders it a good enough value.

Why does SmartThings need to run in the background?

SmartThings runs in the background to monitor the status of the connected devices and to implement routines or scenes you have scheduled. This activity cannot be stopped unless you uninstall the program entirely.

How do I activate SmartThings panel?

How do i get the quick control panel back on android? I accidently pressed the wrong button and it went away.

  1. Launch the SmartThings app (the new one with the star network icon).
  2. Click the 3 dots in the top right and select Settings.
  3. Tap SmartThings Panel and toggle it On.

How do I get rid of SmartThings on my notification bar?

The SmartThings panel is accessible from the SmartThings app Settings – where you can turn it off completely, or choose which devices you want to add and control at a swipe. Use the SmartThings panel to quickly run Scenes, or toggle devices on and off without having to open up the SmartThings app.

How do I turn off Samsung SmartThings?

Go to Settings, permissions, Smartthings, then disable everything it’s allowed then force close it.

What devices are compatible with SmartThings?


  • SmartThings for iPhone and Android.
  • SmartThings for Google Assistant.
  • SmartThings for Amazon Alexa.
  • SmartThings for EVEConnect Subaru.
  • SmartThings for EVEConnect Tesla.
  • SmartThings for Garmin Watches.
  • SmartThings for Apple Watch.
  • SmartThings Classic for iPhone and Android.
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Can SmartThings work without Internet?

SmartThings Hub

Without internet, SmartThings can only run some preconfigured automations locally. According to SmartThings Support,1 it can run some scenes, known as SmartApps. Locally-run SmartApps are stored on your SmartThings hub your hub will still run them without internet.

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