How to connect endoscope to android phone

How do I connect my Android to my WiFi endoscope?

THZY WiFi Wireless Endoscope is a good inspection tool for you.

  1. Step1: Install “WiFi View” on Your Phone.
  2. 2) Method 2, search ““WiFi View”” in App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  3. Step2: Turn on THZY Endoscope.
  4. Step3: Connect Your Phone to Endoscope.
  5. Step4: Click “WiFi View” icon.

Can I connect external camera to Android phone?

This video explains how one can use an old USB webcam as an external camera with Android mobile devices such as a phone or a tablet. For this to work, the Android device must support USB host. Additional hardware required are either an OTG cable or an OTG adapter, both of which are cheap and readily available.

What is the best endoscope app for Android?

CameraFi – USB Camera / Webcam

is an app to display and record video, take a picture from a USB UVC camera which is connected to android phones or tablets.

What is OTG function?

USB On-The-Go (OTG) is a standardized specification that allows a device to read data from a USB device without requiring a PC. … You will need an OTG cable or OTG connector. You can do a lot with this, For example, you might connect a USB flash drive to your phone, or use a video game controller with an Android device.

How do I connect my borescope to WiFi?

(1) Turn on your smart phone,then click the “Setting” icon on the main menu of smart phone. (2) Choose Wlan/Wi-Fi to select and connect the default WiFi from the endoscope “NIDAGE_*****” by entering default password “12345678” and then click “join” to connect.

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How do I connect my Samsung camera to my phone?

Open the Samsung Smart Camera App icon on the phone and make sure it is connected to the camera. After the Samsung Smart Camera App is running normally, the camera will connect to your phone through Wi-Fi for any camera function or file sharing. Click on “remote viewfinder” on your camera.

How can I use my smartphone as a USB camera?

2. Use your android phone as webcam using USB.

  1. Setup your phone in debugging mode (Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging).
  2. Connect the phone to your computer via USB (don’t select storage mode if the phone asks while connecting USB).

How can I connect my Android phone camera to my PC?


  1. Connect your computer and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Install the IP Webcam app on your smartphone.
  3. Close all other camera apps. …
  4. Launch the IP Webcam app. …
  5. The app will now fire up your phone’s camera and display a URL. …
  6. Enter this URL in any browser on your computer and hit Enter.

How does an endoscope camera work?

The technology involves the use of a wireless miniature encapsulated camera that takes pictures as the capsule travels through the digestive system. As it travels down the digestive system, the capsule wirelessly transmit the images it captures which can then be used to detect any issues in the digestive tract.

What is a WIFI endoscope used for?

This endoscope is Wi-Fi enabled and it can work properly if you install WIFI View app in your smartphone or Android device. On top of the camera, there are 6 advanced Blue LED technology lights that can be adjusted according to your need. These lights help the camera to shoot HD pictures and recordings in close range.

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