How to find sim number on android

How do I find my SIM card number on Android?

How can I find my SIM card number (ICCID) on my Android phone?

  1. Select “Settings.”
  2. Click on “About Phone” or “About Device” depending on your phone model.
  3. Click “Status.”
  4. Choose “ICCID” or “IMEI Info” to see your number listed.

How do I find out my SIM number?

Finding the SIM number in Settings

  1. Open your Apps list and tap on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press About.
  2. Tap Status. On some phones like HTCs, this may be called ‘Phone Identity’.
  3. Tap IMEI Information.
  4. Your SIM number will show as either the ‘IMSI’ number, or the ‘ICCID number’.

Can we get mobile number from SIM number?

You can call your friend’s number and note down your own number displayed on your friend’s phone screen. … However, the most popular and the easiest method to find out the mobile number from SIM is the dial the USSD code given by the respective network provider for this purpose.

How do I find my mobile number on Samsung?

Your phone number is displayed.

  1. Touch Applications.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Scroll to and touch About phone.
  4. Touch Status.
  5. Your phone number is displayed.

How many digits is a SIM card number?


How can I know my own number?

There are two ways you can easily see your phone number. Open the Phone app, tap Contacts, and your number will be the first in the list. Go to Settings> Phone and the number will be the first field in the list.

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What do I do if I forgot my phone number?

From the Home screen, open “Settings“. Scroll down and select “About phone” or “About device . Select “Sim Status” or “Phone identity”. Your phone number will display here.

How do I find my SIM serial number on my mobile?

Method 1 of 7:

The staff there will usually be able to identify the number. Call the carrier. If you have a working phone but don’t want to use it to activate the SIM card, look up the customer service number of the company listed on the SIM card. Almost all SIM cards have a serial number printed directly on them.

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